Why You Should Make Your Ego Your Amigo

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Can't we all just get along?

Let’s face it, our egos have become victimized. In today’s wellness and spiritual circles, more often than not we’re hearing that the ego can stand for Edging God Out. We’ve also heard of people denouncing their egos altogether in hopes of being more spiritual, and “we” focused.

While these are beautiful concepts, they are a little misguided. Just like one person may be able to benefit from eating more vegetables, where another person may need to focus on eating more protein, we must remember that balance is key. 

So why should we make our ego our amigo? 

Our ego is the force inside of us that says, “Yes, I can.” It is natural and very necessary to life. It is the impulse that reminds us that we have power, ability, talent, and intelligence. It’s the backbone of our achievements. The audacity that tells us we’re fit for the task at hand. Surely we shouldn’t become ego extremists but we will benefit when we remember that our egos have a job to do. When our egos are used rightly, they can help us be all we are created to be. Hence why we say: Make your ego your amigo.

So when doing this how do we tap into our ego in a healthy way?

Tapping into our ego can be done by using love and appreciation. Recognizing what we have accomplished and being grateful for it. Remembering the times our egos served us. We can also tap into our ego by listening to it. Have you been feeling that you’re ready to do or experience something new? Share your thoughts by commenting below. 

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