Is Wholeness a Myth?

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Here’s the deal.

We once heard American television producer, screenwriter, and author Shonda Rimes say that she found she can’t have it all. At least not all at once. She said, when she’s killing it in her career, she isn’t doing well at home and when she’s being a great mother, she’s missing out on work things. At the time it totally blew our minds. Not only was it incredibly refreshing to hear this powerful woman speak so candidly, but it took the pressure off us too. Is wholeness just a myth? 

Truth is we can’t always have it all, all at once, but there are ways to be closer to our target and make it easier too. 

Set yourself up. What has helped us tremendously is automating everything we can to set us up for wholeness in our lives. Apps, phone reminders, and alarms, we use them. When something is important to us and our busy lives make it feel like a chore, we use our technology to set ourselves up to remember and do it. 

Streamline. Easy is key. Services go a long way here and can be so worth the investment when they save us so much time and effort. Instead of going to the grocery store, ordering groceries online and having them delivered has really helped us with our food goals, feeling of ease, and budget. Try using our link and code TF1C5A01D9 and get 10 dollars off of your first order HERE. Appliances also make all the difference in the world. For example, setting our coffee makers to brew automatically, is just one of many small ways we automate life with appliances. Doing this makes our morning so luxe because we wake to the wonderful aroma of coffee brewing, plus we feel more prepared and in control every morning which makes us feel whole. 

Let yourself off the hook. A big revelation that changes everything is being able to see when we’re making things harder than they need to be. Some of the things we’ve been guilty of have been upping the ante on ourselves, feeling like we have to be perfect, saying yes when we really should say no, and so on. Finding these traps has brought us a sense of wholeness because it helps us see that not everything is an emergency, necessary at that moment, or even necessary at all. How many mental and emotional fires are you trying to put out that are really only burning because of you? Put those fires out, honey. Let yourself off the hook.

Bottom line: Wholeness is available with some effort and really possible with some help. 

Got a wholeness tip to share with us? Let us know by commenting below. Sharing is caring. 


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