Halloween Daily

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Hear us out. 

Depending on our childhood, we may or may not have grown up with the Halloween experience but for many Halloween was the one day of the year where we could all be whatever we wanted. Dressing up and acting out like whatever character or object, was all okay. Encouraged even. So we got to thinking. What if we could have “Halloween” every day? A healthy, empowering version of the Halloween premise that is….

Our thoughts become things. That magical feeling of being what we’d like to become is a wonderful thing to hold daily. It’s downright powerful. What if we acted out the positive traits and powers we’d like to be? It may sound lofty. But it could be fun if we took the playful approach that Halloween provides.

What if we dressed the part? Ok, ok, we may need to leave our capes at home but there are certainly little elements we can incorporate to usher in that feeling of being. For us it has has been upgrading our regular wardrobe. We have also starting acting out what we want to be. Literally taking on the actions. Next thing you know, we have become it and it’s actually fun along the way. 

For those that didn’t experience Halloween just think of it like your favorite story books or movies that enabled you to feel anything was possible. Holding onto this energy as much as we can daily, yields magical and fun results. What do you think, will you give it a try? Comment below. 


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