Creating Your Own Support System

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Squad goals.

Life isn’t meant to be done alone. Yet not everyone we have around us can or is meant to stay. While many of us have close friends and family, it is also quite common to not have people to turn to in times of need. This could happen for a multitude of reasons, including dealing with anxiety in social situations, having a hard time relating to others, or simply relocating to a new city. Thankfully there are ways to build a support system to stay healthy and happy emotionally and physically:


Find your who. Support system members can include: 

  • A mentor or coach 
  • Someone in your faith community
  • A gym buddy or personal trainer
  • Classmates or coworkers
  • Neighbors
  • A service provider seen regularly enough to have a relationship with a nail stylist, hairstylist, personal trainer, etc.


Ways to connect and find your people:

  • Go out and talk to people you don’t know.
  • Extend invites
  • Say yes to invites
  • Connect with social media by engaging with comments, messages, reposts, or mentions.
  • Volunteer 
  • Join a club
  • Get active in gym classes or by joining a sports team
  • Link with a networking group
  • Take a class
  • Connect with people you know and might have overlooked because of scheduling, falling out of touch, etc. 


Having a support system is important and helpful. It doesn’t have to be a large group. The goal is to have people to receive from and give to in times of need. Advice, guidance, accountability, encouragement, strength, exchanging knowledge and information to go further, are all ways support systems help us. 


What’s something you could use support in right now? Comment below.



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