What’s Your Style of Fun? – QUIZ

By ALLSWELL Lifestyle


It may have changed.

A little fun, a lotta insight. We love this stuff… Comment below and let us know how you scored. We were actually surprised by our results.


Spin Class Yoga
Talking Listening
Lyrics  Beat
Spa Day  Self Care
Repost Me, Tag Me, Follow Me  Private Social
Lives & Reelz  Picture Posts
Call  Text
Nightclub  Restaurant

5 or more A Column: Life of the party. Gatherer and enjoyer of all. Great pics, memories, lots to do, and the more the merrier is your vibe. To slow down and listen when clarity is hard to find, click here. 

5 or more B Column: Listener and watcher. Seer of all. You receive the whole picture. Sometimes the emotions that come with it too. To let loose on your own when everything coming at you is a bit much click here.

4 in A and B: Hybrid. You are the life of the party and the deeply in tune friend. It really just depends on what you have going on. You can party with the best of them and enjoy a silent retreat. It feels good to have so many options and you do. Not sure what to do next? Get your answer here. 

We’re you surprised by your results? Have you changed? Let us know how you scored by commenting below.


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