3 Fun Holidays This Month

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Bring all your senses.

Can we just tell you how excited we are to find out about this and share? We love good vibes and when the good vibes are made easy it takes us over the top. Here are three fun holidays we’re celebrating this month.

June 3 – World Bicycle Day. Biking is healthy, enjoyable, environmentally friendly, and reduces stress. We love that biking is faster than walking but slower than driving so we can really check things out as we pass by. With all these benefits we don’t need a holiday to bike but to be honest we’re glad there is one because we’ve let our bikes get a little dusty. Let’s wipe them down, put air in the tires, and roll out. 

June 15 – Smile Power Day. Smiles are transformative, healthy, and contagious. They’re also so necessary now with so much of our faces being covered by masks. We’re looking forward to flexing our happy-making power by posting pictures of us smiling, smiling while we talk on the phone, showing off our pearly whites every chance we can, and trying to smile so genuinely under our masks that our smile translates in our eyes. Do we run the risk of looking creepy? Well… So far, each time we try it makes us laugh or feel really happy so we’re going for it. 

June 25 – National Food Truck Day. Created in 2016 and always held on the 4th Friday in June, this day was created to celebrate, support, and raise awareness of the hard-working small business owners who operate food trucks, food carts, and trailers. We love how they make our cities more delicious and diverse. We also love how food trucks provide top-notch culinary fare at places that many times wouldn’t have food or would have very low-quality food if it wasn’t for them. Go out, have fun, and eat at a food truck today. FIND A FOOD TRUCK HERE. Have a favorite food truck? Please educate us by letting us know about them in a comment below. 

Happy celebrating!


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