Ways to Staycation

By ALLSWELL Lifestyle


It doesn’t have to suck.

Would you rather be in a land far, far away but are deciding/needing to stay home? We get it. Whatever your reason for staying home during your vacation, it doesn’t matter. Your good time besties are here with ideas on how to maximize your staycation. Let’s do this. 

Prep the space. Cleanliness level, temperature, soundtrack, lighting, you get the idea. Prep the space for your staycay. Sharing home with others? Prep your zone. Create a place that is just for you at set times of the day or for a day, you get the idea. Pick your zone, make it known, and prep the space exactly how you like/need it. 

Activate the vacation you. It can be hard to break away from “home mode” but a good way to start is by turning off all the alarms, notifications, reminders, and to-dos. Instead, sleep in, eat when you want, stay up late, basically do the opposite of what you always do. Encourage yourself to have fun. 

Bring on the luxe. Take some time to let yourself be served by ordering a cooked meal for delivery. Prefer to make your own food or snacks? Get your groceries shopped for, delivered and receive $10 on your first order with our code  → TF1C5A01D9 We told you we’re your good time besties. Let’s party.

Go old school. Instead of watching TV, sit and listen to an audiobook. Instead of texting, call. Instead of email, write a letter and mail it. You get the picture. Vacations usually feel so great because there’s so much new involved. Get your new by going old school.

You can also always buy yourself something….. staying in doesn’t mean you can’t take off.


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