How To Travel in a Bubble

By ALLSWELL Lifestyle


Going out without being grossed out.

Co-vid 19 has changed the planet. How do we move about now? Things are opening up and there are vaccines but there are still so many factors to consider. If you’re like us you’re straddling the line between wanting to travel the globe and wanting to stay in safe surroundings. It’s a balancing act for sure but totally doable. Here are ways to go out without being grossed out. 

Zoom, zoom, zoom. Car experiences are everything because they allow us to be outside and yet in the bubble of our cars. Going on a drive through nature, visiting neighborhoods that inspire, and enjoying drive-in experiences are excellent. Not only can we be out and socially distanced but we can have the temperature and soundtrack set to our exact liking. Love.

Be all-natural. Going out in nature can be inspiring, relaxing, or active. We really can choose our adventure. It’s also often low cost or free which is great for those of us with children, on a budget, or with multiple family members at home. The way to do this like a pro is to go to natural spots that are off the radar or go to more popular natural spots at non-peak times.

Hole up. Lodging in a new place and then doing things like staying in to experience amenities that we don’t have at home, like working from a new desk/bed, ordering different food deliveries we can’t get where we live, is a game-changer. The total change of scenery without having to be amongst people is a great way of having the best of both worlds. 

Tools. Bubble or not, no matter where we go we are loving having these things on hand to keep the good vibes going. Luxe-smelling, moisturizing, sanitizer spritz for after every non-familiar touch. Stylish fabric mask for over nose and mouth use wherever people are within sight and our tool for keeping the tasks of opening doors and pushing elevator buttons hands free. 


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