Are You Celebrating Your Small Wins?

By ALLSWELL Lifestyle


There is no win too small.

Hey there, Teemaree here. I admit I had to learn to do this and it took me a while. I was the type that just automatically moved on to the next task or goal. Waking up to this concept of celebrating along the way opened up a lot for me. Let me explain. Celebrating small successes along the way can give you:

More fun. Every time I celebrate my small successes I have more fun because in order to celebrate my small success, I need to break away from what I’m doing to honor it. That lets me sink into joy. It can be a nice meal, a small treat, anything really, try it and see how it brings in more fun. 

Deeper presence. Instead of rushing from task to task and goal to goal, taking the time to celebrate has made me be present to what I’m actually accomplishing and that feels really good. If you’re constantly going like me, you may become much more present too by celebrating your small successes.

Gratitude. When I celebrate my small wins I become present to the fact that I just experienced success and I feel really grateful. Have you ever accomplished something and then only experienced gratitude way after? Every time this would happen to me, there was a tinge of regret because so much time had already passed. I felt a little bad and guilty because I hadn’t honored the good thing that happened. Celebrating brings the experience and the gratitude close. It also fosters so much more to be grateful for. 

Greater Abundance. When we celebrate our small wins, we open up to abundance because we become it. Every time we take a moment we say we have time. Every time we buy something to celebrate we say we have money. Every time we celebrate in deed and word, we say we are grateful and accepting of being the person that achieved. We are basically saying in our actions that these successful experiences, these wins, are meant for us, that we see them, and that we appreciate them. 

Try this and experience the joy that is available to you. If you’re struggling with being able to do this because you think it’s bragging understand that this thinking is just a misunderstanding. Celebrating the small wins also offers an opportunity to include honoring the people that helped you, being thankful to God, and finally showing grace. 

What’s a small success you can celebrate right now? Let’s celebrate it together. Comment below.  


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