Stopping Work Search Stress

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The truth will set you free.

This month we are focusing on stress relief and with work being the number 2 stressor for many Americans, we wanted to offer some information to ease the pressure. 

Fun facts:

  1. There are many jobs available right now. So many in fact, it is being called an “employees market.” 
  2. An employees market means that employers are “sweetening the pot” in order to attract quality people. Higher wages, bonuses, desirable schedules, etc. are just some of what’s available. 
  3. You may get a hiring bonus. Some jobs are offering a hiring bonus to attract dependable, qualified talent. That could be you. 

Finding work is a very personal issue. But these facts can help to ease your mind and heart around getting work. What you want, wants you. We had never heard of an employees market before doing research for this blog. Maybe you’re just learning about this too. Hopefully it helps your mindset if you’re looking. 

Because there are emotional factors at play when it comes to being worried about work we would also like to offer this from our church:

Welcome God in Uncertainly. An audio to listen to in under 3 minutes. 

Prayer to Receive. A recorded first person prayer to listen to in 1 minute. 

We find that prayer and action leads to miracles. Has this helped you? Comment below. 


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