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Without getting another job.

Feeling a financial crunch? You’re not alone. Money is listed as the top worry in America right now. But honestly, is there ever a time when more money would be turned away? As your feel good friends we wanted to bring you some solutions to get money now without having to work more. Here are some tips.

Get money now without getting another job by: 

  1. Cutting extra memberships and subscriptions. Chances are you are paying for cloud storage, membership apps, or streaming services that you aren’t using. If this is the case, simply cut them off for now and put that money back in your pocket. 
  2. Reviewing your bills. You may be able to save on your insurance bill, cable bill, or phone bill just by checking in to see how much you’re spending now and looking for alternatives. PS: Sometimes the company you’re with will offer you a lower rate when they find out you’re shopping around.
  3. Selling unwanted stuff. Closets, garages, junk drawers, and entertainment centers, are all spaces that tend to collect items we simply don’t use anymore. Those no longer being used books, clothes, toys, equipment, and technology can all usually be sold.
  4. Using your family ties. Did you know that Apple, Netflix, Costco, and many others offer family sharing? Take advantage of these opportunities by sharing with family. More money for everyone. 
  5. Moving your existing money into an account that is free and earns interest. Sure, the interest will be pennies but it’s a start and it certainly is a savings that adds up if you’re still paying to have a bank account.
  6. Get cash back every quarter from purchases you already planned to get PLUS discounts on what you like to buy with our link to Rakuten This offer is a great one because you can earn money on line and in store. We have enjoyed getting 3-10% cash back on our purchases. Use our link so we can both win when you join for free. 
  7. Scan your receipts and get points that turn into money with our Fetch link We earn points on almost every receipt we get! Groceries, eating out, gas, it’s wonderful. Use our link so we can both get points when you join for free.

How many of these tips will you employ? Let us know by commenting below.


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