30-minute stretch session to energize the body and relieve it from long bouts of sitting and using technology. Gentle pace. Guided. Online. Experience 30 minutes of yoga movement and breathing to stretch from head to toe. All from the comfort and safety of your own home. Slow and gentle pace. No mat is required. No yoga experience is necessary. All are welcome. Counteract the effects of long bouts of sitting, being on technological devices, and built up stress.

Expect to:

Release tension.

Relax your mind and body.

Relieve stress.

Enjoy a slow and easy pace.

Experience movements that are easy to do.

Leave feeling replenished.



Sunday, August 15, 2021 5 pm PST



Online via Zoom





Presented by ALLSWELL Lifestyle, led by Teemaree. Teemaree founded ALLSWELL Lifestyle after 20+ years of studying, implementing, and coaching personal development and spiritual techniques. She is a certified Yoga Alliance instructor and has shared these stretch sessions with people all over the world with great success.





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